Head Teacher

Head Teacher

Mr. Kiptoo Nelson


Moi Primary School Kabarak was established in 1991 by His Excellency Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, the second President of the Republic of Kenya. This followed his visionary idea of setting up a co-educational institution that offers quality education to students from diverse backgrounds and runs on Christian principles.

The unrivalled dedication of our well-assembled staff and self-motivated learners is what has elevated our school to being the best in its category.

The school has steadily scaled the academic ladder and today stands among the national academic giants since its private dispensation in 2011. This is attributed to the team of highly motivated staff and an abundance of instructional materials.

Our school operates on the following principles:

(A) Principle of prayer:  Prayer is not the last eternity but the first necessity. Through the knowledge, wisdom and success all came from the Lord, our success is thus guaranteed. Moi Primary School Kabarak is founded on a strong Christian background.

(B) Principle of hard-work: It is common knowledge to all:  Success comes before work only in the dictionary. We instill the spirit of hard work in our learners early enough, an attribute that has driven our success. As once said by a philosopher – losers quit when they are tired while winners quit when they have won.

(C) Principle of teamwork: Co-ordinated teamwork has been one of the strengths of our operations at Kabarak. This is not only witnessed among the staff but has also been adopted by the prefects body and learners as well.

(D) Principle of discipline: Discipline is an aspect of the mind. Chance only favours the prepared mind. With the knowledge of this good saying, we have made discipline one of the pillars of our academic excellence. Finally, we are conscious of the new National Curriculum being implemented in the Kenyan Education System. It is all systems go as far as the competence Based Curriculum is concerned. As a school, we have done all it takes to ensure the new curriculum roles without any hitch.

Welcome to this great school where ‘One Earth We Rise’


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