A word from The Senior Head Teacher Lower

A word from The Senior Head Teacher Lower



Madam Mercy -
Madam Mercy –

Being the churning point, lower primary school is very critical. It is at this level that learners establish the foundation needed for a lifetime of educational success. At Kabarak we are dedicated to help the young learners thrive and discover their full potential at every step in life. We aim at developing not only children’s learning skill but their interpersonal skills.

It is recognized that children learn most effectively through hands – on activities and such learning opportunities are provided in all learning areas in our department. We encourage children to apply practical skills, think for themselves, solve problems through discussion and then explain how they reach conclusions. This approach means that all our children remain engaged and delighted to be in school to learn. The outcomes of these children are always excellent.

Our classrooms provide a learner friendly environment owing to the strong belief of children learning well by seeing and doing. We encourage teachers to use different learning resources in order to achieve greatly. One of these resources are the anchor charts. The use of anchor charts in lessons help reach maximum engagement, bring the lessons to life, create a library of reference materials and also reinforce classroom procedure.

In line with the new curriculum we are at the forefront. Our system all along had been competency based and the changes therefore found us set and fit across grade 1 -3. We really aim at developing engaged, empowered and ethical citizens. We are committed to equip our learners with the tools, knowledge and confidence to be life ready. We make the most out of their learning and develop important life skills

At the core of our early years programme is a commitment to developing learners social and emotional skills. Children learn how to kindly interact with others in a shared space. They learn to value empathy, integrity, tolerance, respect and other values as suggested in C.B.C.

For us to achieve all those we make sure that the parents are informed, empowered and engaged. We consider them to be vital collaborators and partners in the education process. Close collaboration with parents is essential.

Digital literacy as a core – competence is also enhanced. To achieve this the department has tablets, laptops and projectors. They help to make learning enjoyable and also help the learners judge the suitability of media materials.

We are proud to have created the best environment where talents are nurtured, academic excellence is achieved, spiritual matters are catered for and social well-being of learners is considered. Ours is all about holistic development. Moi Primary School Kabarak is the place to be. ‘On earth we Rise”