A word from The Senior Teacher Boarding

A word from The Senior Teacher Boarding



Mr. Chepkwony - Senior Teacher Boarding
Mr. Chepkwony – Senior Teacher Boarding

The boarding department is key in ensuring that the school strategic policies are achieved by ensuring that our pupils are comfortable in school. Kabarak is endowed with a serene environment which is very conducive for learning. Our numbers keep rising tremendously yearly due to our well equipped facilities.

Currently, our boarding department has four houses namely, Ruwenzori, Kilimanjaro, Elgon and Kenya. As the names suggest, we aspire to rise beyond the great heights as depicted by the respective mountains. The four houses inspire both boys and girls to aim higher and higher.

Top on our agenda is to provide our learners with a healthy well balanced diet and freshly prepared meals at all times. The school has a great catering department headed by an able cateress and staffed by qualified cooks. This way the pupils grow and learn with all the desired energy that can enable them learn effectively towards achieving their academic goals.

On matters health our pupils are handled by motherly and caring matrons who ensure that the welfare of the pupils is well taken care of. Serious issues are referred to Kabarak University Health Centre, where learners are attended to by doctors.

Under the stewardship of the senior teacher boarding, boarding master and mistress, together with various house teacher’s weekly meetings are held with the pupils in their respective houses to ensure that our dormitories are always conducive for their well being. Regular checkups are conducted to monitor the learners items are intact. Kabarak Primary is a bullying free zone.

Team spirit is encouraged among our learners especially when they participate in cleaning on Sundays, as this makes them acquire the necessary skills to cope up with the society’s expectations. Repairs and maintenance of our school facilitates is handled through our skilled artisans or by outsourcing specialized labor.

The department in liason with the school management ensures that our staff members are housed within the school so that we can concentrate on the core business of learning processes.

We always endeavor to make Kabarak the best institution in Kenya by producing well molded pupils of good character. Indeed On Earth we Rise.